Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Frodi Reminds Us To Laugh

Heimdall came long ago to reawaken our sense of divinity when Angrboda's anxiety corrupted us. Woden, Lodur, and Haenir had placed sparks of divinity in our souls, but thanks to Gullveig's corruption, only a few excellent souls had really developed this. And then later when the giants had enslaved us, Frodi came amongst us to remind us of our great freedom. To remind us we are Free Spirits who have incarnated through play, and it is by remembering this heritage of joy and creativity that we gain the conviction, solidarity, and strength to throw off the giants. This cycle repeats itself, and we can always remember.
Frodi helps us laugh at ourselves, to see how morose and serious we have gotten, how seriously and gravely we have taken the giants, and reminds us that we need to laugh, to play, to sing and dance, and to celebrate in ordre to be able to undo a giant. As Jack the Giant-Killer he reminds us that the worst thing for a giant is to be laughed at. And that is how we get free. Joy is our heritage.


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