Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mustang-Rider (Atridigaldur)

Mustang-rider, free as the wind
They call you Atridi, and you are the friend
Of horses that run wild over the plains
The stallions of herds of mares you have gained
As friends who enjoy the freedom you share
Who boundless, at liberty, go anywhere
Their hearts stretch to take them, in bliss or in wonder
The red earth so bloody hoofed it resounds like thunder :
You ride, you ride, Freyfaxi's keeper
Saddled on stallions, you bound and you leap o'er
All obstacles, walls, and things to hold back.
Your movement unfettered, your strides have no lack
Of purpose, pride, or lust to seek out
Fulfillment in bosoms voluptuous shout
Crying out, crying out moans and soft cooes
In all of the hearts whose love you have wooed,
Then you welcome them, riding, to ride out some more
To keep riding, keep moving, grow and explore
Smiling at all of the room we will find
If we ride out, Atridi, and be of your kind.
Blessed be to the Lord of Free Movement!
Hail Atridi!


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