Thursday, December 06, 2007

Freys Velkominn

You have come to learn our folk-way. Good! I am excited for you. You will learn many good things. You will come to know your true worth, and how to feel good about yourself. There are so many ways of being good, but these old ways have been lost for a long time. There is so much joy for you to experience. I cannot wait for you to savor all the fruits that are in store for you. Good harvests! Good years and good seasons can be yours, full of bounty and cheer. It is going to be fun rediscovering your deepest roots, feeling your folk soul growing up through you like a strong tree from its roots, and reaching up towards the heavens where many of the Gods dwell. The Earth has so much for you to experience, and we have shaped it so that all of your powers may come into play. Rise up, stand erect and tall, and take your fill of joy and fruitfulness. Mirth and earthy richness await you on every level.

I will help take off the burdens and chains that have weighed you down, so you may walk or even dance with a lighter lilt. Much that you worry about in your day is of no worry to us, and no need to worry. Let your bonds be undone, for there is much inside you you may trust, and if you listen, and if you come to us, often, sharing feasts and gifts, we will speak in the hollows and depths of your heart, and slowly, you will learn how to trust again. Not too fast! Many good things come slowly. Take your time. This is a large kingdom. I wouldn't want you to stumble in your skipping! Although you may ; stumbling is sometimes half the fun of skipping. It makes for a good gallop!

I have many friends who live in the woods. They sing the most beautiful songs. You can hear their echoes in the wood itself, in the golden orange leaves fluttering down from the canopies, and gurgling in the waters. Stop and listen. You have friends all around you. No, you needn't see them! They are somewhat shy anyway, and it would do you good to be courteous to their ways. When they sing, you see, the grass and flowers and roots and buds and branches love to grow more. There are songs sung throughout creation. Perhaps if you are very lucky you might one day catch from the corner of your eye a glimpse of their forest revels. They are spreading my word and cheer everywhere. Some of you might feel elf-drawn ; then you too may someday learn the runes of the elves, and dance in their pageants -- again, if you are very lucky! But you have a good friend in me, and they always listen to my rede, so keep good spirit.

One thing is certain. What you have heard is but the surface of a skein, one coated with dross and muck from many years' neglect. The gentlest animals are sometimes the most fierce, for they must show you, see, that they are formidable, so you may respect them, and live in peace. We know there is no peace without respect. And life was meant at times to flow, like the volcano, with fury, and might, and fire ; just as, at times, life is as still as the misty water on a lake, swan-feathers white gliding over. Don't be frightened by the surface howls. Many hear our might, and even the monsters come to galk, for there is power here, great power. But it is gentle and sinewy, full of grace and song at heart. And you will learn how to be a kinsman, and to know all of your relations in the world. Oh, friend! Such that modern shades of "kin" or "kind" will seem hollow. You will see, you will see. There is peace in strength, and love in arms beyond your imagining. And the way the golden prairies wave! There are feasts and wonders therein.

Many times those who are big and roar loud have come to think themselves kings, and I have had to come amongst you, to remind you that laughter is stronger than brittle threats and brute terror. Let me say that there are heathen "Mardi Gras" so full and free that the giants cower at the towering joy of the folk. Go back into the fog of your mind, deep into the forests from which you came, where you worshipped so long ago. There you will find something so festive and strong that no one will keep you down, so long as you hold frith with your fellows, joining hands, and sharing the goods. There is always some good to share, and it is good to share it.

There are going to be many trials, and many failures. Many times it will have to be re-made over again. One goes deeper, each time deeper. One's perceptions and thoughts change. One person's loud words fade before the sinuous whispers of the wyrd. Shouts from clenched jaws give way before the mild and generous, for all things await the return of the Mild and Bright One. So do not dismay when others mistake. Many mistake in good faith, others in hollow cries for help from wounds they are not yet ready to tend. Nod your head, and walk forwards. Too much awaits you thicker on the wood-path to tarry and quarrel with those just making their way. Quarrel not, and go further! There is much to bring back for your tribe. And we find it hard to get your attention when you are so pressed with the squabbles of petty bickering. Don't drain the good fight with a thousand useless feuds.

Your body has been shaped as exquisite as any swan, as any trunk of tree, as any furred beast of the forest. Know that deep within this body have been warmed many gifts. Vitality, movement, poetry, and breath. There is no reason for you not to glory in all the many powers and pleasures these gift-endowed flesh bodies present, for every moment brings sensations you can let fill you like the warm waters of the ocean, and you will know little hunger. There are ways of touching your feet to the ground, and moving your hips, letting lips wet with breath that, eyes gasping, poetry moves through arms that reach out to hold and grasp, and there are secrets here. Let me say no more for now! You will learn the profundities of the flesh. So let all shame fade. There is religion in these motions and passions. Just go slow, and listen to the old growth, erect and virile, ancient and majestic. So shall you be some day. Look forward to it.

There is much lore to learn. Always listen with your heart. Be diligent, know as your ancestors knew, study hard. Be thorough. But then, dream. It is after a story is told, and one sits doing little, lost in reverie, that pictures and sounds will come. This is the lore the lore aims at. Come back to it. It will refresh you. And just learn to laugh at yourself! For the learning of last year will seem as so much silliness, for this year promises even more advances. That is ok. That is good. Keep learning, and if you will, it will be good for you to keep listening as well, for we will whisper riddles in your dreams.

It is time to sit and think on these things. Find a good mound, a knoll somewhere where you feel good. Sit, close your eyes, and feel. It is good to feel. I am looking forward to hearing from you again soon. I know you will have many questions. Ask freely!


Blogger Shannon said...

This is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for posting it!

5:34 PM  
Blogger SiegfriedGoodfellow said...

My pleasure! It was fun writing (channeling?) it! Thank you for stopping by to read.

8:02 PM  

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