Monday, May 26, 2008

Minnis and Significance

Now it may be that only deeds well-lived and lived deeply enough touch the level of significance to affect and cohere in the level of dynamic eternity that is Wyrd. Wyrd is a process of memory, and not every minutiae is remembered, per se, but that, rather, which is significant, although significance is holographic, and thus details can at times be caught there as well.

Deeds not deeply etched do not disappear, but become part of the drone, the background chorus of event-reverberations and resonance, blending into the mix, while those that make their mark have stronger individual subtones in the choral polyphony.

Shimmering on the well are the images of those eternal moments --- holding hands at the beach, giving vows to each other, making love, laughing with each other. They are not "over", they are "done", meaning a part of things. They are real. There is no erasure. They are ready to be remembered. They were well-lived moments and thus take on significance. What takes on significance does not fade. But significant deeds long to be told, to be shared in the story. They do not wish to remain in the background, but to receive affirmation, to be honored, to be toasted over the holy ale.

Those are the moments when we have dipped into the depths of the well, and so when we dip our ladles into the mead to fill our horns, it is right that we should honor those moments. Our culture says "get over it" to those deeds that are done. I say, how can I get over what has become eternal? I don't want to get over it. Those were good times and good deeds. They will live forever. They are now a part of the real history of the world, etched into the flow-patterns of wyrd, and I will recall them with pride, with strong mirth, and with hearty remembrance. What is a minni for if not for hearty remembrance?


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