Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Tales All Sailors Tell

We dialogue across the great wildernesses.
I hear the wisdom on the wind, and know Woden calls.
Whatever has emerged from a forest is true.
It is in the middle we find our mating.
Mimir's Well is most central.
Laughter is the best sort of inquiry
when conducted with agility and limberness.
Do not fear to mix traditions
if you find laughter in the dreaming.
True ones speak across the walls of idiom
and find vital exchanges only Njord well knows
who never fears the commerce of salted fish,
brawny arms, ports o'call, and the tales
all sailors tell.

Wyrd Megin Thew
is Teutonic
for Tao Te Ching.
I will speak heresies
that enlighten.
I shall not shirk
from controversy
when brilliance
comes from the flame.
I shall regather the lost
from all eight directions
of hoofed wind, Odin's splendid


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