Saturday, May 23, 2009

confusion with beauty wrapped in chaos

is believing
it could all make sense
lost the promise
of beauty
in the confusion
for it has always
been a farce
and never any sense
never any sense
with beauty
wrapped in chaos
and love fleetingly lighting up
the night
and Odin told you
it might be a nightmare
at times
so enjoy the ride
beauty in the confusion
Freya dances in dark morning flowers
night's black cloak flapping in the wind
before dawn
She gives freely
no guarantees
and every God says,
Drink Deeply
exquisite beauty in the swirling
patterns of this mead-
called wondrous world
called world-history-
and the dynamic engine of wod
drives on
like blitzkrieg whirlwind
and God
what is happening in the Chaos
because that's
how Odin
likes to think.
we call it storm
he calls it
even when all was darkness
he still swirled
and worlding stirred in
with beauty
wrapped in chaos
my Punk Rock Gods
my Gothic Gods
swirling about the dance floor
we all know what it's like
to be outcasts
we all know what it's like
to be barbarians
we all know what it's like
to want something more
I am a tree reaching up
up into the heavens
and my roots stretch down
just as deep.
never made sense
but stunned me
with beauty
wrapped in chaos.
and what sense it makes
Odin only knows
and sometimes whispers
into drunken poet's ears
knowing they'll hardly remember --
chuckling old man --
in the morning.


Anonymous Echoed Ruins said...

Absolutely beautiful! :)

5:27 AM  
Blogger SiegfriedGoodfellow said...

Thank you! I hadn't thought anyone had really read this one!

2:55 PM  

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