Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Trickster and the Tree

So Trickster was out and about walking through the world of people as he often did, and he came upon a group of people in a meadow, and he went up to one person and he said, "Would you like to know what kind of tree the world hangs in?" And the man naturally curious wanted to know, and Trickster told him, "It is an ash tree in which the world hangs". The man was interested, and Trickster then went on to the next man and asked, "Do you know what kind of tree the world hangs in?". The man asked, "What kind of tree is that?" And Trickster said, "It is the yew tree," and then went on his way and found a third man, and said, "Do you know what kind of tree the world hangs in?", and the man asked, "What?", and Trickster said, "It is a giant ficus tree." Then Trickster just laid down on his side in the sun beneath the lazy shady tree and watched the events unfold, for just as soon as the men began to speak, and share their stories, they began to quarrel, and there was nothing that brought him quite so much delight as watching people quarrel, and so Trickster just laughed and laughed until a shadow appeared above him, and there he saw the Old Man looking stern, disapproving, scratching his white and grey beard.

"Loki, this is not funny," he said.

"Oh, man," Trickster scowled. Couldn't the Old Man ever let him have any fun? "But they're so fun to watch! They're so gullible!"

But Trickster saw that no-nonsense look in the Old Man's eyes that meant business, so Loki got up and left.

The Old Man waved his hands, and the people felt in peace again.

What each of them had not realized was that the Trickster had given them important information about the world. The world did indeed hang in a tree, but as to what kind of tree it really was, is there really any point in arguing about that?

This story has no basis in the old lore. It is true, nevertheless, if you think about it.


Blogger Bright Crow said...


Thank you for this tale.

I've linked to it on one of my blogs, The Empty Path.

Trickster always goes right to the heart of our silliness.

Blessèd Be,
Bright Crow

2:07 PM  
Blogger SiegfriedGoodfellow said...

Thank you for the honor. We are silly beings at times, aren't we?

11:59 PM  

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