Monday, September 14, 2009

These Tales Are True Tho' Other Tales Be True Too

The Gods know the favorite forms of the folk, and take shape according to their likings and longings, for these colors and costumes long have been the holiday cheer of folk raising horns to Holy Powers, and poets' bragis of the celestial forms and exploits have taken deep root in the folk-soul. However they may appear amongst themselves, in whatever form, and the folk are not unaware that other folk feel the mysteries in different forms, these forms speak the mysteries in ways that profoundly touch, and the Gods, however in and of themselves they may be or are named, deigned to clothe themselves in these shapes for love of those who love them truly. A bragi's but a boast, you may say, but a bold one, singing song poetic the earthen-eyes cannot see, and while the Gods may cloak in the customs of various lands, we know these costumes and customs are amongst those that speak good, honest truth and power.


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