Monday, October 26, 2009

I Know You Are There, My Friend

O old friend, you cannot hide from me through death, for I know you are there even when I cannot see you. I never can see you these days, ever since you leapt through that door. You leapt through that door inward, into the heart of all things, and now you are irrepressible, an inevitable and always part of this world. To speak and utter your name is to name a now-always property of this cosmos. I speak your name, for your good name shall not perish, and on nights like these, I know that is no vain desperation, but simply the truth of all things. While my mind of doubt and flesh says I should not have such certainty about things I cannot possibly know, the deeper mind knows, and is not troubled by those surface stirrings. Love has never been about space and time and distance. In love, the other is present in the love itself. You are simply without Ymir's flesh ground and grown up organic through trees, given fire and water and breath to move and reach and walk upon this earth. That was but a form to let thy spirit grow and thy soul deepen with rich material of world, for we all yearned for the womb of Mother Earth, to be held by her, to know her, to be one with her, and through that, let our soul take that shape that we might then work for eternity, for it would be ample and broad, and full of good, raw material. No, I know you're here, and I think I will come to know it deeper and deeper as the years go by, and I may come to know you as more present than you have ever been, for bodies are veils, and you are veilless now, able to go whereever the wind is. Able to go wherever the wind is! You may be surprised to find yourself one with all that is and yet your soul in its true form still, and yet I say the scoffers who declare we cannot know have done us all a disservice, for if the good cannot be on the other side, then all that is left are spooks and monsters, fears to chase us round. Ha! We are more than fear, and we ought not be forbidden from knowing this whole, wide world, world upon worlds hanging in the world-tree is our home. The spooks and ghouls and ogres are there, but they occupy a far smaller region than they, with their ill effects in this world, would like to pretend. No, there are some things deeper than fear, and that is knowledge. Unjustified knowledge from the perspective of the primate flesh's doubts and fearful uncertainties, but there is a bedrock it is possible to tap, and in that moment of tapping we will know something far more certain than we know in what we call our more sober moments. Yet what could be more sober than this intoxication? For it is sooth : authentic connection to reality. Thus we ought keep tapping that bedrock, for in moments of fear we will forget, but in time with repeated tapping, it becomes a rhythm of knowledge surrounding and warming even our moments of fear. I know you are there, my friend, more powerful than I can possibly imagine.


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