Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vanir : The Family of Fire

For there is a family of fire, see,
warmers of world, whose summer-lands
tropical sauna the earth's fruit in western
ways ; there, the Sun's Daughters, long-lineage,
had their original odal, shining maidens,
Mother and Daughter and Grand-daughters,
all amazons, valkyries fierce, with flaming
hair of the gold and red, barley-bright,
who fiercely yield good in warm abundance.
The fire's family : father of flame's son
warmed the seas, that life sprouted and finned,
delved and swam ; whose half-sister, Night's Maid,
in her own way warmed and wetted Ymir's flesh,
that flowers, first formed from elven children's foundries,
blossomed on newly washed meadows,
where Ocean and Earth's only children
twin-danced in the corn and upon the shores' foam.
There nine daughters of roaring sea churned
the mill-stone's augur, the blazing brother of Odin
bright, whose light fertilized the flame that burst forth
pure and wise, that keen ram of gold Heimdall.
Flaming-father's son of silver : ivory-boned Mani,
whose argent beams pierce the vargs, bathing
Night in ever-so-cool warmth. Then that Most Famous
Miracle-Maiden, Muspelheim's Crucible Queen,
Gold of the Heavens, fiery father's daughter Sol,
the Unconquerable, the Mighty, Benevolent.
(The two bastards, 'bandoned, and fed by monsters,
we shall not name in holy precincts, though even their
lineage of light and fire surrounds their wicked forms.)
In these meadows first began that Art of old
where mind-upon-mind, with souls a'touching,
wyrd was warped, and blessings bent
from ill directions, holy all until that maiden
forth from Jotunheim didst come, and wrack
the Art to cold-heart crumble souls of men
in cursed days. Not for these days was Lovecraeft
of Fire's Family formed! And She whose Panther-
paws pounced the violet petals blessed
and graced the Art with new love. So
Here the first home of sweetness sang the sun-clan
to green the ground upon the hall-stones, for warmth
and laughter were their ways, lovers of life. They pacted
proud with the wizard's warriors, to ward the world.
That seemed good and fair, for world needed
warding : giants there were, monsters perilous,
and life must have its way against the entropy. They
sealed the deal : a good alliance! And so it was.


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