Monday, March 15, 2010

Models of Health

It's really important in life to surround yourself with models of health. This doesn't mean putting your head in the sand and ignoring that which is bad. But when it comes to the point that most of what is coming before your eyes are examples of the sad, the broken, and the wicked, it can have a tremendous demoralizing effect. Sometimes modern life can be so degenerate it can be quite a challenge to surround yourself with models of health, but surround yourself you must if you hope to be healthy yourself.

This doesn't mean perfect, of course. We're not discussing puritanism here. Just healthy.

News and doom-sayers often conspire to surround us with examples of degeneration. There is a legitimate place for prophetic critique and calling-out, but far more important is to praise, emulate, and admire that which is going right, that which is doing well, that which abides in good. Too much immersion in news of crime and corruption can poison you. Standing in the shadow of great trees a small tree can grow well.

Go where there are pockets of good. Even if at times it seems as if only pockets remain in the world, go where it is good, because from good places, a dessicated world can regenerate itself. That is how physical ecologies are regenerated. That is how spiritual ecologies are regenerated.

When I am around good people, I feel better myself. I am reminded of the value of good. I am reminded of good's power in this world. Remember, where there is good, the Gods are not far away. Surround yourself with models of health. It will make you healthier.


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