Thursday, May 06, 2010

Love Bridges the Gap

Love is strong and bridges the gaps between estranged lovers. Odr pursues Freya again and again, and then in turn, Freya pursues Odr when he wanders off. This is an important message for people to absorb. Love is not a narcissistic subordination of the other to what they can do for you while you have romantic feelings for them. It transcends that. If you ever loved them, assuming there was no abuse, and the mourning period is over with, you should still love them even after the romance has ended.

Is it honoring Freya to dishonor love that was genuine and shared?

Paganism is not a fad, nor is it about constructing super cartoon characters bowed before as shibboleths. It's realizing that there are numinous powers in the world that are holy. Love is one of them.

Whether you personify that numinous power as "Freya" or not is not as relevant as whether you live true to its authentic divinity. It so happens that wise people who studied how love really works quintessentialized that learning into potent stories, stories that if the divine force of love were to awaken in an anthromorphic way, She would enjoy and give her stamp of approval.

On the other hand, if you just turn her into some mythological character you say some words to, then you don't actually really have to do the work of honoring her in your life, but paganism is predominantly an immanent not a transcendant religion. It's about integrating these numinosities into our lives. Anyone can bow before a statue and pray to an external force to give virtues, but recognizing divinity in the world and then honoring it concretely, that's a different matter.

Someone who never knew of the Gods but honored their powers in the world, within the fabric of their everyday life, pleases the Gods more than someone who knows of them but won't live them.

The lore-figure is the common language, the alphabet glyph that remains unvaried so communication is possible. But that is just convention form which to have experiences, and each person's experience will be slightly different and oriented towards their own situation, but it is the experience which is primary. When you begin to plug in these loric reference points, you will begin to have visionary experiences, and it is these that matter. These experiences, examined, tested, trusted, and shared, are what lives the tradition onwards. Don't get stuck in a book ; the book is just a map, rough at best. It is the adventures the map can inspire that matter, and then, furthermore, integrating the lessons of those adventures in your everyday life.

Love is a numinous power. It is real, it is benevolent, it is powerful, and it is magical. She shares out her joys to those who will honor the gifts she gives. And the stories of Freya are one beautiful way to approach her mysteries.

Are you honoring Love in your life? Are you a knight she would choose to stay with her in that beautiful roomy hall called Good Cheer? Think about it. Then act on your best conscience. Renew that connection you've allowed to falter. Leave behind the attitude of disposability, and rebond with those who have brought you happiness and wonder.


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