Monday, September 20, 2010

Njord, My Nuptials' Witness

O Northern Neptune,
my nuptials' witness,
many waved-hand benediction priest,
have seen and given declaration
to pronounce
wife, and wives, and ebb-pulled back bride.
I see her laced veil on thy curls.
O, great Father of the Restive Deep!
Longing is too long held in this sorrow-blistered breast!
I wish not to yearn for feasts, but feast!
Feed me, Fishmonger Proud!
Feed these unfed lips with such bounty
as thy lusty sea-loins know!
Sate me, O Sea O'ersurfeit!
Let me taste the satisfaction of fullness,
and I will fullest praise thy well-to-be-praised waves!
Rhythm of river's deepest sources,
basin of the very bosom of seas,
you ought know well these lips from praises seldom falter!
but fiercely seek the praise a wild heart might give!
Give me then love as might pregnant lie
within thy whale-homed belly of the brine!
The dreams of eat, however vivid, feed not
my fervent-seeking spirit.
Grant, O Grandfather of the Gem,
such issue Love create.


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