Sunday, February 27, 2011

Odr's Speech Beneath the Road of Heimdall

Oh why should I confined be beneath
These dullish skies when I might rise to meet
And mimic all the brighter orbs which soar
And silent sail within the golden wingspan
Of those greater heaven's pinions' rims?
For while this body be an earthen fruit
The branched tree of earth did womb, my mind,
Belonging more to upper canopies
May scale, and seek those fruit more glorious night
Reveals within her closed-eye cloak that flash
And sparkle in the outer boughs where I
Do long to linger and explore their furthest
Reaches! And what if, though raised in peasant
Hovels, such a man should find he was
Of princes born, who cast him out on ark
Upon the bullrushes, and water-rushed,
Discovered by more humble folk, was nursed
Within their rustic barns? Why, would he not,
When that more noble stock within emerge
Upon his growing older, seek that home,
Though higher and unknown from whence he came?
Or if a boy from gentry were absconded
By the merest stock of lowly men,
Who never see beyond their dullest eyes
But sought confine this boy of folded light
Whose wings within him longed to soar, to where
They all might reckon him a man, no more,
And stitch with threads of disbelief his new
And glowing snow as swanwhite feathers? Well,
Then he -- permit me now replace this third
Impers'nal pronoun with more proper "I"--
Then I shall leap upon the rainbow's rim
And seek to catch the quickened prow of fast
Receding lunar schooner, sails so bright,
Though stowaway, then show this silver hilt
From out this jeweled scabbard what great sword,
Who even now within its sheath does seem
To whisper to me of my greatness, Moon
(So many moons ago) did bid me find,
Then beg or brandish flaming blade if need
For passage on the rolling royal roads
Of lunar oceanwaves, to where, so up
In upper far beyond my even great
Imagination can behold, my love,
For now not war nor petty vengeance beckons
Me, but sweet, commanding-adoration
Love, whom I too long ago did leave
To pay my father's blood with blood of he
Who struck that noble archer down, awaits!
I know she waits (or so I hope : she must!)
For me, for she hath whispered in my heart
And seemed to pull upon the silver strings
Which bind mercurial mind of mine together,
Singing soft and most etherial song!
And can such incantation prove illusion?
Some would doubt, but I would rather love,
And thus believe, and if they call me fool
For seeking what my inner wisdom asks,
Well, I have played the fool before, and all
To mock their banal minds, which glide not as
My bladed, skis-beneath-me mind is wont!
I shall declare, though every mind hath doubts,
Which seem to rise from flesh like venom bubbles,
He (or she) who lets such doubts bestomp
And squash that love which calls within, though far
It may now be, is greater fool than I
Have ever been, or could be! No! Then to
The stars go I, come risk of fling to cold
And cloudy realms of ice, I shall my love
Ascend, and find her farthest kingdom's kisses!
Traveled far before for her I have,
And that through longest winter. Oh, my love!
The even thought, though smallest, of thee, melts
What ice within that winter chilled my heart,
And now I come a stronger man, but then
A merest boy, from battle, price in hand --
This magic, smith-enwhispered blade to give --
And free surrender, though its power calls,
O seems so strangely speak my elvish name,
To thee and thine, and all for love of thee!
O blessed fire's shimmer, colors bright!
Which shows upon the fall of rainfall, sun
Emerging from the clouds, to me thy path
Bestow thy hidden ways, for here I now
Upon thy wavering air commit myself!
If I be false, abyss beneath shall answer,
But your test, if I am true, shall ground
Provide beneath my feet, and answer love
With shimmer made a solid road, and there,
O Moon divine, for humans call thee God
By night in poet's prayers, or lovers' hopes,
I come, and though a lunatic, I rise!


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