Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Up to Speed

I can't believe I ever even entertained people who think that feuds are a good thing.

Of course, I've argued against that logically here.

But I can't even fathom at this point why I even bothered to argue it logically.

It's so clear that the feuding mindstate is simply the ethics of the mafioso : you bumped off someone I love, so I'll bump off someone you love, and maybe throw in a couple of others as well.

Sorry, that might be human, but it's barbaric nonsense. And all it does is set the grounds for the war of all against all.

Anyone who has studied history and anthropology knows that societies that live like this can end up having intergenerational feuds that last for centuries. It's just idiocy.

And the stories say so, if anyone were listening. At least the religious stories. Maybe not the Icelandic Sagas (although in a sense, they do, too, if you read them right), but the religious stories are all about portraying what idiocy feuds lead to. The world basically splits apart.

But again ... why would I even entertain such idiocy?

It's like entertaining racism.

Dude ... if you ran from Christianity because it was too progressive for you, what a fucking loser you are. Christianity is about one of the most reactionary religions you can find, and the Church, in general, has stood for reaction at just about every turn. Sure, the Church has "liberalled up" in the past 100 years (to some degree), but that's only to come up to speed, ie., to live in the 20th and 21st centuries. If the religion of reaction is not reactionary enough for you, oh, dude, I don't give a fucking shit whether you "worship the same Gods" as me ... I have no interest in talking with you, I have no interest in proving anything to you, and really, truly, sorry, no, we are not practicing the same religion.

See, I worship this guy named "Odin". His very name is about getting on top of the evolutionary learning curve. His very name bespeaks the opposite of reaction, because he is the master of the anti-stagnation force that drives on evolution. The slogan of Odin is "come up to speed", not "stay in the past". In fact, two of his names speak to this : Fjolsvinn,"Fully Swift", and Svipal, "Changeable, Dynamic, Mercurial".

Oh, from Urd's perspective, sure, there certainly may be nothing new under the sun. But this is Urd we're talking about. She has seen the world through multiple eons and knows what is hidden in the depths. If it's true that from her perspective, everything new is merely a new expression of old archetypes, from our perspective that means there is much to be discovered indeed, for wyrd does not mean "the past". It means "the mysterious past". So sorry, no using wyrd as an excuse for being reactionary, as if the past were all that mattered. No, nope, that's not how it works. Our ancestors by no means thought that the world was going to remain confined to what they could historically remember. They knew that the past included, particularly as one moved backwards into the mists of mythic time, much that was unknown, and these unknowns had great portent as they developed into the future. It's true that as we invent unseen-before gadgets and contraptions that these may be unfoldings of potentials laid down billions of years ago, but from our perspective, they're innovations, and they may very well be worth-while.

Our song-smiths wrote tales about all that can go wrong with feuding so their dope-headed peers, and us, could learn a thing or two from their heightened state of inspiration. Let's come up to speed.


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