Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rede for Midyear

Love with all your heart, and never allow bad behavior to be unchallenged or tolerated. Summon strength as a source from goodness overflowing all around, and share it out amongst your kith and kin, in earth-outgoing ripples. Cherish depths of soul loved ones share ; open thyself to forays into the world to find new kith with whom to shake the world and let loose its fruits. Courage is a choice in the face of fear, that stands one's ground against shaking to choose a more creative path than cowering. Raise thy spear high and shout your passion to the winds : make thy heart be known to the hills and burrowed stone-wights! All the sky is thy higher canopy, all the earth below is the domain of the beloved.  Stretch out to dance circumferences of majesty ; stick to and consolidate the core. Nurture the source, and sow widely. Hope is an unseen seed in the darkest of night. Subpoena from the unseen the will of your ancient folk, who hold this worldview in the sacredness of strength ; with this heirloom, you shall know the cosmos well, and long shall drink its beauty and heartiness. There is a secret trust in the will of faith that invisible reinforces the love in your heart. The world swerves, in its twists alongside wyrd ; do not allow its wild veer to unsteadfast your cleave to the middle. Disappointments fall aside ; real deeds sink into myth and there subsist, eternal. Your questions open ; your doubts corrode : nurture questions, disperse doubts. Crises that seem to pull your threads apart require reassertion of will : fall back to earth and call her main of firmness to you -- ever defy the cackles of disenchantment and woe and ward off with will encroaching ill. Let unease wilt before practice and calm, the essence of your odal. Do not consent to the fraying of sacred fabric : sew, and darn, and weirdly weave integrity back. All is Gift ; make thy giving strong and smile-bold.


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