Wednesday, September 05, 2012

From Jormungrund Up

The bottom up. Jormungrund. The urbrunnr. The sources or springs in the depths, everything developing and rising up from these roots. Everything from the grassroots.

The basic matter-alchemy starts here, and the world as we know it is an epiphenomenon of this more basic ground, from which it emerges.

Even the heavenly gods are subordinate ultimately to the chthonic gods. Odin receives his basic powers from Mimir. Wyrd is strongest. That which dies becomes the substrate for new life, in constant recycling and circulation.

Matter begins in the interaction between two opposites, hot and cold, fire and ice, and out of this matrix, the entire world-tree of cosmos grew, and from it, the Gods.

A materialist conception : ultimately the Gods themselves the epiphenomena of the cosmos, which itself emerges from the matter-in-motion generated from the interaction of fire and ice.


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