Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sick Cultishness in Asatru

Yep, it's there, and it's frightening and disgusting. The groupthink and machismo conformity found in some people claiming this religion is absolutely terrifying. There's a reason Heimdall made some people thralls and some people nobles -- and the reason was that there are some people who need alot of growth before they can ever even claim to be free carls, let alone anything else. They have to win back their worth --- and let me tell you, alot of people have got several lifetimes of work before they'll ever get there.

The thing is, and it's so typical, but thralls always invert Rig's order by assuming that they are the nobles, and that the truly noble people who are working for creativity, understanding, and freedom are the "slimeball" "nidings" and "thralls".

I have had people tell me they were going to "beat me up" because I spoke of "their" gods differently than they did. I have had people threaten to "curse" me because they didn't like my attitude. What kinds of sick fucks are being drawn out of the closet?

It's getting to the point where it just feel shameful to be associated at all with anything "Asatru". I love these gods and these myths, but some of the people attracted to it are animated by jotunns. You can see the wolfishness in their eyes and feel the ghoulishness in their words.


Anonymous Surtr Svarden said...

i liked this. it was very enlightening.
i am something of a converting Asatruar, and so i will kep what you siad in mind

tack och hejda.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Henrik Kongsgaard said...

There will allways be some fanatics in our religion, as well in all other religions. It is though few of these fanatics who do blót to Tyr. I really can not see, what they will gain by doing that, (except from protecting the life of the danish soldiers in Iraq).
Great blog indeed! Nice to some new thoughts :-). I am a bit conservative haha

2:25 PM  
Anonymous SurtrSvarđn said...

Odin, that is so true! stupid religeous fanatics! i probably shouldn't be saying that though, it's not very nice. ah well.

S. Svarđn

6:57 PM  
Blogger Bernulf said...

The only thing any of us can do is try to set a better example of what Heathenry represents to the community. From this example, with luck, these same thralls, as you call them, will find their worth. After all, Havamal tells us that no one is completely devoid of worth or fault.

3:26 PM  
Blogger SiegfriedGoodfellow said...

I appreciate all of the non-spam comments here! The quote from the Havamal is important to remember. No one is without worth. But if we think of "worth" as a verb, as an active potential, rather than a noun, it is indeed worthwhile (excuse the pun) to ask whether people are doing their work to develop that potential. The Latin word "educare" means to "draw out", and is said to make reference to Plato's theory of education as anamnesis, remembering all one has forgotten in previous incarnations. A heathen translation might be "worthing" for "educare", with the idea not of drawing out what has been forgotten from previous incarnations, but drawing out the potential in our becomingness that was planted in us when we were all first fruits on Yggdrasil (before the Stork-Disir brought that fruit to our mother's wombs).

Frith between the "classes" (we need a different term, as I disagree that these are in the esoteric sense of the poem social classes) is something important to achieve in order for everyone's full potential to be met. There will always be some who have more to learn and therefore more work to do, those who are struggling to maintain their freedom, and those who have figured out a way to tap into the excellence of their creativity in such a way as to benefit the folk. The most excellent of these rise in strength to the point where they are filled with the strong desire to protect these processes of freedom and nobility, and ward them from those forces which would degrade or interfere with them.

1:43 PM  

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