Thursday, December 13, 2007

Proverbs for the Days Before Ragnarok

Fjöld veit hon frœða, fram sé ek lengra, um ragnarök römm sigtíva.Brœðr munu berjask ok at bönum verðask, munu systrungar sifjum spilla; hart er í heimi, hórdómr mikill, skeggjöld, skálmöld, skildir 'ru klofnir, vindöld, vargöld, áðr veröld steypisk; man engi maðr öðrum þyrma. (Voluspa 44 - 45)

"Full knows she the deep-knowledge, further see I at length, of ragnarok, the bitter-biting of the victory-gods. Brothers shall beat and bane be to each other, cousins shall spoil kinship ; hard it is in the world, mighty rule of adultery, an axe-age, a sword-age, shields shall be cloven, a wind-age, a world-age, before the world is thrown-down ; no man shows mercy nor reverence to other men." (my translation)

A word to the wise is sufficient. Power and poison go together ; the more undiluted, the more they corrode. Where there is gold, the wolves gather. Those who are desperate will use any means. Ethics and high position do not go together. Many with a smiling face wear multiple masks. In religion and politics, trust no one completely. Great profit attracts great scoundrels. The virtuous are marionettes for the unscrupulous. Better shrewd and wise than virtuous and naive. The corrupted take joy in corrupting. Child sacrifice is the foundation of empire. Where there are secrets, there is power ; where there is power, there are secrets. Two eyes are not sufficient for those insecure in their might ; they must hire thousands. Power proceeds through subterfuge. Vice bankrolls fortune. Spies sacrifice everything. Innocence stings the guilty. Those with bad conscience confuse shit and sex. Two faces, both ugly. Counterfeits abound as traps of the hunters. The predator plays the lover. Monsters wrap themselves in the cloaks of gods. Spiders sing beautiful songs to the flies. Petty men and brutality form cartels that stretch up to the top. Grey suits think nothing of strategic atrocities if there are gains to be had. Most cabals, despite competition, are in cahoots. Nothing is quite as it seems. Yfil has a hand in every pot, no matter how shiny. The wise keep their deepest thoughts locked away from public view. Only discretion saves the thewful.


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