Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Freyr Prayer

Shaft-Lord of Sun's Beams
Leaf-filtered creeping through the tall branches,
Greening grass, bud, and leaflet lord
Lord of life and light
Lord of Winter's Spring,
Undo winter's linger
with soft, gentle greening.
Learn us, Lord,
how to Live so Well, as you do,
Touching barren branches
budding forth life's new gaspings
and graspings, open to the Sun.
This we Pray, O Most Free and Full.
One hears Laughter in flirtation
between leaf-breeze and Sun-Beam.
Bring us that Laughter that heals,
O Lord, O Most Gentle, Playful Lord.

In heathenism, poetry becomes prayer. If in a poem any line or sets of lines calls to you, feel free always to take those lines and make them into a refrain, for in a poem, some lines may work for you, and others may not work. The whole beautiful idea of a "Book of Shadows", of individuals and families compiling recipe-books for their health, wealth, and spirituality, is wonderful, because we should feel free to collage and boquet that which is beautiful into an offering and prayer that makes sense for us. Sometimes just taking a line or two from a poem and repeating it over and over can have a soothing yet subtly exciting, gentle magical effect. Remember you are trying to enter into the Larger Magic, the magic of being alive, and in touch with all the holy powers who make this life a sacred opportunity. In my poetry, or anyone else's, I ask you to feel free to collage at will, so words may serve life's blessings. May you be blessed as well.


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