Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Whose Branches (Yggdrasil)

in whose branches, dawn, the night mists down to leaf-litter floor, renewal.
in whose branches, darkness holds, the bright and fiery orbs in the azure sea.
in whose branches, life spoke primeval, far beyond any death or tragic loss.
in whose branches, awe, sprinkling, gave birth to first gasps of breath.
in whose branches, children, fairies gathered sparks, to bring to mothers' wombs.

in whose branches, craving, moved from beginnings, sap rose in swirls to canopies.
in whose branches, lady, white gauze, moves without a whisper, washing smooth bark walls.
in whose branches, ages past, brush softly over, ages yet to come in gentle seedlings.
in whose branches, sex originated, long ago, in ocean spray dashing up onto the boughs.
in whose branches, I learned, once upon a time, how to breathe and grow.

in those branches, I will soar,
in those branches, Gods scintillate atop the highest boughs.
in those branches, the sun sails through the skies.
in those branches, we are held, surrounded, bound together.
in those branches, peace beyond measure.


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