Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let's Let Down Our Hair and Have Fun!!

My personal God is Freyr, from whose name we get "freedom". He takes the chains off! He removes the handcuffs! All the handcuffs! All the restrictions, all the seriousness with which we weigh down life, so we can have some fun, and enjoy ourselves! He is the festival God, who gets everyone to let down their hair, and enjoy themselves without inhibitions. It is this kind of energy that creates peace, and fosters love, for only in freedom can we truly love. What room is there in a heart that is weighed down for love?

I just wish that more people could be mature enough to let down their adult selves and exercise a little childlikeness without becoming childish. Why let the tyrants who run this world weigh us down with deadly seriousness? What is it worth if one gains the whole world but loses one's soul? I don't want love to be an office with requirements, regulations, and expectations ; I want it to be a freeing that empowers and makes one feel like one could take on the world!!

What if we gave up the fear, and just let ourselves throw into the experience of love, freely, knowing that if our self gets lost in freedom, it will rediscover itself through that same freedom?! Shouldn't love be a little disruptive? Are our ruts or even our goals that important?

Lucian's Dialogues about Saturn and the Saturnalia apply to our God Freyr, who lifts up deadly seriousness from the Festivals, and returns life to Jubilee, with the entire community in a frith that momentarily transcends and abolishes the class system.

Back in 2003, I was going to a club in the Glendale / Pasadena area that played 80's, punk, and a little disco. With a friend, I brought pillows and blankets, and we incited fun pillow fights, and dragged people around on the dance floor on the blanket. It was so much fun, and people were so receptive! Sure, there were a few pouty Goths who didn't like their little serious-space invaded by fun, but who cares? They needed to lighten up! I knew I was bringing the energy of Freyr to that place, because so many joined in our games, and we felt the spirit of fun, and the feeling that we could take on all the giants! Unfortunately, a real Gullveig/Angrboda scold ran the club, and kicked us out, despite the fact that so many enjoyed these games! I want to create that kind of free fun everywhere I go. Freyr is happy when people are free and having a good time. A "freols" is what the old folks called it, a festival or party where you can hear the word "free" embedded right in the beginning.

When I was in the 6th Grade, I was really into disco, and all the rockers/stoners hated me, because such music seemed "frivolous". Punkers told me that disco had no "serious message". I could never understand this. Isn't fun itself a serious message? Dancing is its own reward. My cousins and I would go into my room, turn on the "Saturday Night Fever" album, and turn the lights on and off really quickly to look like a strobe light while we danced.

People think all pranks are of Loki. This is not true. Freyr can get into a little mischief, too, but it is a different kind of mischief. It is the mischief of fun and frith, not of ill will and chaos. It is the mischief of Robin Hood, while Loki finds fun in burning things down. Freyr is not afraid to crossdress or dance with bells on his feet or move crazily across the stage. He's a God of Theatre in Everyday Life, the Life and Drama of the Party.

Yes, I can document all this thoroughly, but why not just take my word for it? Haven't I proven my dedication and rigor? This rant is not about rigor but revelation! Freyr is not some character locked in a book of old, but a living force and personality with whom I am intimately familiar! No, I'm not some psychotic claiming some privileged and pope-establishing mystical experience. Rather, much of the time, in my energy, I embody Frey. At a party, I am the one getting down on the dance floor and getting people to play games. When I was at college, I was known for skipping down the college green dancing and singing to Mick Jagger and Jethro Tull. I've been a scion of the stage since I was in the 6th Grade, and have celebrated being weird since that time as well, knowing that "weirdness" is very important to the soul. It's a freedom to be what one can be, beyond the strait jacket of normality.

Freyr lifts off all chains!


Blogger Brainwise said...

A hearty "hail!" for your latest post. Rock and roll infuses my spirituality as well, so I do identify with what you are saying here.

I'm sure Freyr would agree with Triumph's "Follow Your Heart", where the lyrics say that "Rock and roll lives and breathes in the hearts of the young." It's not an ode to childishness, but a rant against 'growing up' and giving up ... on life, on passion, on what makes life worth living.

Frey remembers ... and invites us to remember with him and his brethren and all our kin.

11:32 AM  

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