Friday, August 22, 2008

Religion is Freedom or it is Shit, Period

Op Ed

I am a heathen ranter, after all, and so the "op ed"s on this page represent more from-the-hip rants rather than the more scholarly research I also love to present. Op Eds should be taken as such, bold opinion grounded in Teutonic spirituality.

I am tired of the fucking counterfeits and substitutes, I am tired of complacency, submission, "accepting what is" masking itself as "spirituality". I don't want to supplicate or subordinate myself before external beings who are supposedly higher than myself. I want real fucking freedom, and I want an organization that supports real fucking freedom, because without freedom, any claim to spirituality is completely bankrupt.

Yep, that's the all and whole of Teutonic spirituality, if there is such a thing at all. It's the unity of materialism and spirituality that gives it its organic whole. Without freedom, you are a thrall, and then you might as well worship anything you want, because anything you worship you will worship as a thrall anyhow, and will turn everything to pathetic enslavement.

I don't want people who are going to come to some religious meeting, submit themselves to some imaginary powers they decided they should supplicate, feel all holy, and then go back to living their boring, pathetic, enslaved lives, kowtowing to the boss, kowtowing to the banks, kowtowing to the politicians, and just generally refusing to live as free men.

I want free men who know they are free, who act like they are free, who scare the shit out of tyrants, coming together to roar, and whose roaring makes the giants tremble, and who in their roaring call up powers who roar, powers of freedom and might who only respond to such mighty roaring, not because they are jotnar of "might makes right", but rather because they have the will to "make right might", and whose freedom, love, daring, and wisdom are mighty indeed.

The State loves religion because religion generally, as a tool of mind control, reinforces precisely the kind of human dormancy the State desires : people humbling and pacifying themselves before some shibboleth who has no understanding nor concern for their freedom or lack of it, for their life as it is really lived and its real troubles. The State is terrified of spiritualities that actually strengthen people, that actually bring them together strongly, that actually train them in freedom, and good! Let the tyrants shiver!

Pacification is not and never has been part of the Teutonic mindset. Our peace has nothing to do with submission, it has nothing to do with bowing down or kowtowing or shutting ourselves up or just saying yes or accepting that things are the way they are or squashing our feelings or giving up our true convictions and desires out of fear of something much larger than ourselves.

Fuck no! We have a name for such large, intimidating beings, and I'll give you a hint, they ain't "gods"! No, they are called "giants", and our religion is aimed at smashing the hell out of them, literally. We don't terrify good people -- even good people who have made mistakes -- about going to hell, but we promise that Thor's hammer will mill to smithereens any who try to lord it over others with fear and "might makes right" (yes, listen closely, you Social Darwinists, because you have a big fucking mallet of a surprise coming right towards your face) that tries to intimidate them out of their free life. Our Gods don't take kindly to that kind of crap (and yes, I'm on a rant, and so I bloody well am using holy Anglo-Saxon four-letter words), because they want full, fruitful, free beings trying out their opportunities, making the best of the lots they've dared in the lottery of life, and enjoying what they've managed to win for themselves in a difficult life. Yes, they want us to "behave", in the sense of acting like decent human beings who can afford to be a little generous, and to share our good fortune with the worthy who are on the downswing of bad times --- after all, mutual aid means trying to even out our fortunes by pooling them together --- but they do not expect us to be obedient little citizens and workers. They aren't gods of fascism, after all. They want us to be bold.

There is a little bit of the utopian in us, because we don't just look at reality and figure out how we can mold ourselves into its preformed shape. Of course we look at reality as such on this full and fruitful earth, but we look at it like free men who are not going to acquiesce before anything. We'll choose a pragmatic excellence over an unattainable utopia anyday, but believe us, we'll choose a utopia over a pragmatic slavery and mediocrity any day as well, because at least a utopia has the chutzpah and panache to approach a reality demanding submission with a hammer. And we like hammers.

Look around. Do you know of any allodial land, anywhere? Do you know anyone who is not paying tax, tribute, rent, fee, or service on their land? Over one third of Americans live in rental housing, and even the thirty-year mortgage slavery only guarantees one fee-simple, and fee-simple is a feudal, not an allodial, property. What the hell was the American Revolution fought for if land is still being held on a feudal basis? Not even Native Americans hold their own clearly-allodial lands in allodial!! Freedom? They should pass a law that only those who hold allodial property can wave their flag, and let's see then how many people wave their flags and brag about their freedoms. Let's see some real freedom. By the way, the fact that old Teutonic law required full freemen to be odallers as well is often identified by historians as bias towards the rich. Why such a perspective? Why not look instead at what happened in land usage that made so many landless? What were the enthralling forces? Is the solution to enable thralls to vote, or to ensure more free land?

It's depressing and disheartening to live amongst people who value freedom so little, for whom marketplace items and values are more important than living like free men. Odin said it is better to live in a hovel and be a free man than to live in a mansion and live in debt, but how many follow this wise, barbarian advice? Our board rooms are filled with Lokis who think nothing of lying, cheating, stealing, and using every trick in the lawyer's book to advance their status, and our media is full of Gullveigs for whom gold-digging has become practically identified with love. Any wonder why some identify Gullveig and Freya? It's disgusting.

When you were given a spear and shield at voting age, it wasn't just to terrify the enemy. Every time this ceremony took place, every leader in Teutonic society was reminded that one more free man had just been armed, and had better keep his place to ensure rather than threaten or encroach upon the traditional rights. It wasn't an investiture that meant you went to whatever foreign country your king pointed to and said "war!", but meant that you were willing to fight for freedom within and without, at will, and if the leader inspired your strong and wild loyalty, through boldness, through integrity, through a proven record of commitment to free values, why, then, yes, that leader could expect you to follow him through thick and thin! But let that leader step one foot over the traditional rights, and he knew instantly that he was treading into very dangerous waters. They didn't tell traditional tales of regicide for nothing. They resonated in the minds of kings, and with good reason.

Religion is freedom, or it is shit. It should be a training ground in the civics and practice of being free men. It should encourage the roaring of boldness, not the submissiveness of those who cower. It should en-courage, not terrify. And it should inspire us all to band together and drive the giants, whomever they might be, out of our communities, so we can truly begin to enjoy an innangards again. And no, it won't be perfect, but it will have such pragmatic excellence, that it will be a good we will be proud to proclaim. I think any other kind of patriotism might very well be considered artificial and unrealistic.


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