Friday, August 01, 2008

Gods Who Admire Audacity Allow Us To Make A Difference

Heathenism is a philosophy of difference, which is to say not only do things matter, but our decisions can make a difference in this world. Many philosophies are philosophies of indifference that posit that the universe is completely indifferent to our decisions, and moreover, that we should cultivate indifference to what happens in this world, becoming completely passive and acquiescing "to the way things happen".

That's a thrall's mindstate in heathenism. A heathen has far more faith and gumption to "acquiesce" to anything. A heathen believes in the power of daring, and believes in Gods who admire audacity, and in fact, so long as it stays somewhat in balance and governed by other important values, they cultivate it in their followers.

From a heathen standpoint, the universe is something to be struggled with, and moreover, that struggle is literally creative, because it creates new opportunities, and pulls out potentials that would have remained dormant without struggle. We are not required to "accept" or "acquiesce" to anything, and everything is up for some kind of creative challenge. That is how we grow and learn new things. We are people who boast. If we didn't boast, we'd never get the chance to brag, and we like to brag, because it gives us a sense of satisfaction to have secured something from the world that was once believed to be impossible. Our mythic history tells us without such gumption, wit, daring, and even willingness to use tricks, the universe would be a less abundant place.

What is the point of doing good deeds and living with honor if it makes no difference whatsoever? To be a good little slave? What kind of philosophy is it that wants adherents to be conformists to the status quo? Odin is an eternal enemy of status quo*, because it is not what some petty mind has established as "as is" that truly matters or is lasting, but the flows and undulations of Wyrd itself, which is more powerful than anything, before whom entire empires fall.

You may say, well, surely, we must acquiesce to Wyrd. No. Even Wyrd itself is to be challenged. That is what daring and boldness are all about. The only way to discover the nature of anything is to be constantly testing its limits, and in the process, to be surprised to discover that its nature in fact surpasses our limited concepts of it. Some might call that "science". I'd simply call it the cultivated audacity of a free people. Through our boasts and deeds of daring, we discover the true extent and creative depths of Wyrd. Wyrd is deep, and vast, and contains more than enough lots for there to be room for every endeavor. Wyrd is bountiful and precise, exacting and forgiving, elastic and full of domains finite but broad and full of potential. More importantly, Wyrd is always renewing itself, recycling itself, in new combinations that open up new opportunities. There is room for our daring.

And it can make a difference. If we're lucky. That chance is what makes the entire endeavor worthwhile.

* You may say, but Odin was a patron of kings! Ah, yes, but keeping in mind what I have said about Odin as an enemy of "status quo" as such, you now have a unique insight on the profoundly different nature of true Teutonic kingship to ponder. Plug it in and see what happens : If Odin is an eternal enemy of status quo, and Odin is a patron of kings, then the nature of Teutonic kingship is ... Try it on and see what happens! Kings too must be audacious and bold.


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