Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Poetic and the Practical

I think one of the beauties of this tradition is its combination of poetry and practicality. For example, when you think of Freyr, you can think about the beauty of sexuality and freedom, and the poetry of the grain growing beautiful and fertile in the field. Poet's lenses on.

Then, you can think, (summoning a pre-birth-control mindstate), Wow, the same God I pray to for Sexual Gratification had better be able to help me put Food on the Table, because there's gonna be more mouths to feed soon! No wonder Freyr rules both Sexuality and the Harvest!

One may sound more idealistic and the other more bottom-line reductionistic, but both the poetic and the practical are important parts of the tradition. There's a groundedness to this balance that I think is just beautiful.


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