Friday, August 29, 2008

O Heavenly Master of the Winds

O Heavenly Master of the Winds,
Give us that Motion our lives need to feel vibrant!
All-Father, Father of Wisdom,
Seeker of Truth, Magic Maker of the World's Libraries
Locked in Starry Constellations,
Raise us up towards your level of knowledge, high
in the heavens, that we might reach and touch your vast,
probing mind. We worship you with passion
for learning, growth, movement, and song.
You are brisk, and quick,
and formidably wise beyond imagine,
cloud-bearded, blue-cloaked one!
Into the depths your one eye penetrates,
like a spear your wit, wizardry sharp as a blade,
your winged spies croak and tell all.
Whisper secrets to us, Lord of Mead and Mastery,
if you will, if we prove worthy.
You have been in our hearts since children, when first
you breathed breath into us, and set us
on the path of learning. May we always walk that path
well. Truly you are the God I've always prayed to, and now,
enlightened, I open my heart to all of your worthy
and wondrous kin, with whom you share the rule
of this mighty world. Teach me how to honor them;
I will hold them fast in my heart, too, just as I hold you
high and in honor, Worthy Wizard, Magic-Maker
of the World. I seek the wisdom you share out. May we
prove worthy in deed.


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