Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trust What Turmoil Can Teach

Turmoil is to be trusted at times. There's wod in it, and wod has intelligence. There is a stirring-up power that can manifest in dissatisfaction and turmoil that broils and boils one up from complacency, that if listened to can lead to evolution.

What am I upset about? Dream about the upset. Dream about the turmoil. Go under the cloak. Odin will whisper to you through wod, if you will listen.

Be proud that you have a Chief God who is not about contentment, not about pacification, not about accepting things "as they are", but whose magic stems from his fury, from his turbulence, from his continual self-overcoming that allows the cosmos as a whole to evolve ; in short, that affirms Becoming.


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