Friday, January 09, 2009

The Wise Say, Take Nothing For Granted

There is no "automatic" in the North. Everything is deliberate, and not to be taken for granted. Day and night are not given, though they are ; they are gifts granted each day anew through the deliberate action of kind and loving Gods who make these rhythms possible.

One never knows ; one never knows when days may cease. Because of this, thanksgiving ought never cease from our hearts. These actions of the Gods take the chaos and mold it into something doable, a great backdrop that allows lives to be lived against it. What a gift, like a parent to a child, to give such a wide and open backdrop, taken care of, dependable, there even when one forgets.

And of course we do forget. If we were true wizards, every day would be a wonder, and our nights thanksgivings. But days go by, things to be done ; like most creatures we are thick in our stupidities, viscous and sloshed in the moment and its distractions.

So wizards lead us back to rememberings, and thanksgivings, and this is religion, the periodic drawing-back to the realities of this awesome backdrop of mysterious, wondrous creation, worlds being made every day through the deliberations and acted, labored intentions of Gods and Elves. Not a thing to take for granted! Every existant an inheritance, a might-not-have-been and a might-not-be were it not for invisible powers of creation that tend on the world's mystery in awesome, rewarding bounties.

Wizards dance into this flow, living thankgiving, as witty, shrewd mystics, then call us back upon the seasons to give good tidings to the Gods.


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