Saturday, March 07, 2009

Heathen Test (Provocation)

Let's do a little test to see how heathen you really are. This is sure to irk some, which already makes it worthwhile ; Socrates compared himself to a gadfly who bites the horses to keep them on their toes.

How many of you have ever participated in a tree-sit?

How many of you would consider participating in a tree-sit, if you knew of it and had the time to spare?

Or are you one of those worthless types who turns on the tube and shakes your head at the "tree huggers"?

That's right, I just called you worthless, and pal, if the shoe fits, wear it. I mean business.

The gauntlet is thrown down. Can you rise to the challenge? A heathen should always love a good challenge.

You want to be a warrior?

Defend the trees.


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