Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Old Hippy Hobo

Old hippy hobo
he hung on a tree
Old hippy hobo
and what did he see?
What old hippy hobo
saw on that tree
he never will tell
to you and to me
that old hippy hobo
unless we can see
and with our own eyes
we hang on that tree
but old hippy hobo
he saw what was real
the deep and mysterious
with verve and with zeal
then old hippy hobo
he fell off the tree
and learned nine new songs
to help you and me.
Old hippy hobo
went into the mountain
the old hippy hobo
to reclaim the fountain
that flowed with the juice
of acid and shrumes
the old hippy hobo
in the fiery fumes
of the dark and dank pit
of the monster's lair
the old hippy hobo
felt fear when he's there
but summoned his courage
and played his disguise
then the old hippy hobo
got the drink and he flies
flies away, flies away,
up into the sky
the ghouls sprouted wings
and chased him so high
but the old hippy hobo
was faster and sly
flew up into heaven
then took off his mask
the old hippy hobo
completed his task
and shared out the juice
of the ergot and shrumes
with all of the powers
that make the world bloom
and the old hippy hobo
flying high as a kite
they all made their God
and it all seemed just right.
For the old hippy hobo
sometimes made no sense
when off on his flights
and his trips past the fence
but the old hippy hobo
brought wisdom for all
so despite he's eccentric
they all join his hall
where the old hippy hobo
holds court with the wise
and shows us that truth
is often surprise.


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