Thursday, August 20, 2009

Advice to the Young on Love

There is no greater gift than love, and love, though common, is imbued with sacredness that must be tended to flourish and blossom. Many give little and receive little, and the base prove their debasement in the way they profane the great mysteries of love. Find your true rung of nobility in how you handle this most exhilarating of intoxicants. Can you find a way to reach into the animal and draw its hungry neck up to taste the dews of the heavens?

Be careful to whom you give your love, for you may give your best years, and those years you want to be able to remember with the one you love. More than the sex, love is about creating memories. Many of those memories will be about the love-making, but it is the experience of a connection and of shared experiences that will be sustaining to you. There are many who cannot sustain the connection, and will forsake you. In many cases this is as if they ran off with a treasure or heirloom and never give it back.

There is little that is more important than the love in your life, and little that is more perilous. Explore, but conserve your best for the best, and where love has been given, even when it has brought some anguish or cannot last, still give it the best of your honor. Even if your partner has lost honor, you still owe honor to Freya, who gave you the gift of love in the first place.

To this end, one ought to cultivate courtesy, kind-heartedness, patience, and generosity, and yet one also ought not to neglect the important arts of assertiveness, communication, and drawing appropriate boundaries, because no one respects someone who lets themselves be stepped all over. You may need to be fierce in holding your ground, yet do not lose the art of compromise with integrity, and above all, no matter how tempting, do not let anger pull you down beneath your dignity, and watch the tongue that may let slip words that cannot be taken back. Love may take you through corridors of anguish and uncertainty that threaten to warp you, but your family and your honor demand you perform with as much dignity as if you were seen with all eyes.

Always be certain to show thanks to Freya, for her gifts are precious and not to be taken for granted, and she will be there with you in epiphany in the great moments of beauty. If you are lucky, and she shows you great favor, there will be very great moments of beauty, tastes of ecstasy the likes of which few experience, and which will sustain you for many years and times and struggles to come.


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