Sunday, September 27, 2009

O Ocean!

O Ocean whose ripples lap and sway in serene shiftings on and on unto endless horizons, thy crafts of might and beauty shock and stun me into silence, O peaceful warrior of the riding waves! Long, long hath your serenity tamed the strong with bonds of bliss and memoirs of briny serenades of the womb! Upon thy sandy feet I laden thy foam-tossed caresses with kisses and petals, pouring libations unto thy greatness, O farmer of the fish-farms of the great rural plains and depths of wetness! With plows forged in the deep you furrow the undulating meadows and plow the road of the whale, scooping up fish like fruit in salty sea-weed nets as bounty and bounty more for all the world's overwhelming harvests! Wealthy, wealthy I call your crashing white arms whose foaming fingers fund out feasts for all, lover of drink and dance, axe-wielder whose torrents could crush even the gates of heaven! You bear forth love and laughter, your loins know little rest, Ripener, Lust-sharer of the fish-fathoms, Earth's ancient mate in the days before dawn! Ages back and back before the first ships sailed wind-seeking the reaches of your long embrace, thy nautical knowledge brimmed and seethed in the silence of the shores, Njord! O Njord of the lusty frith of the wide, wide fields of water, welcome and hail! Welcome and hail!


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