Saturday, October 31, 2009

O Lord of Thunders

O Mighty Hand of Heaven,
O Righteous Rager,
O Wrathful One,
Speed and might and main lend thee
to us, your ever-callers, Lord,
of thunders and the rein of goats.
We kiss and bless, invoke thine hammer,
unconquered fist of the fierce and barren regions
where monsters gnash and threaten.
Torn their towers down ten thousand
times hast thee, O Barrel Laugher,
many deeds over, done, for us,
and Earth, Thy Mother.
When on waves raged the wyrm writhing
you whale-and-ox-bait fishhook caught the creature
and with hammer knocked down, down, ten leagues down
and more to quelling :
release the waters trapped by coiled
Midgard Serpent, O Strong Lord.
Treasures you, O Brave, take back
from those who try to take our frith.
Guard thee, O Mjollnir's Master, all our heirlooms from the foe
and fix inheritance in stone
that we may walk proud in thy strong footsteps
all our days, O Lord of Thunders.


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