Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Health is Good!

Health is good! Strength is good! Share a little of your strength, but maintain it! With all the ill there is in the world, never forget the value of feeling strong and healthy. That is a gift to a world often too weak. When we are weak, we pick ourselves back up, and ask for a little help if need be, and refind our footing. The Gods want us strong and vibrant, full and charged and powerful. We're human, of course, and have our flaws and failings, but that is not the essence of life. Those are the pitfalls we learn to avoid, and dusting ourselves off, after licking our wounds, get back up onto our feet. Thank the Gods for Strong Gods! Thank the Gods for Healthy Gods! Thank the Gods for Gods who want us Vibrant and Lusty and Wholesome! Heil!


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