Friday, March 19, 2010

Teacher, Counselor, Shepherd

We were in darkness and he brought light. Cold and near witless, he warmed our souls with reason. Before he came, we saw only dimly ; after he arrived, we began to see with clarity. Always watching, he taught us to watch as well. Full of blazing glory, he bridged the gap between heaven and earth and taught us how to speak with Holy Powers. Before his arrival, we wondered at every thing in the world ; after he came, he brought us true knowledge of things. From the most ancient of songs we call upon him in every public assembly, for light, and logic, and lore he taught and established of old.

His ways were forgotten by many who have fallen into darkness, who have called upon the monsters of the marsh and frost in despair, who have deformed themselves through fear, through greed, through angst and envy, and we were told, these fallen brothers must be brought back into the fold, for they too have the divine spark, although they have obscured it ; therefore, they will serve, and in serving win back their honor and burn off the dross which has covered their inner light.

He came to us over the sea, bearing tools, and grain, and fire. He walked amongst us and raised leaders. Long he lived and lingered amongst us, then down to the sea, long life over, and upon the waves we sent him back to the holy Gods of the West who sent him long ago.


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