Thursday, May 13, 2010


"The true ecoterrorists are the planet-despoilers. Those in the Forest Service and the timber industry who are annihilating thousand-year-old forests for paper bags and picnic tables. Ranchers and employees of the Department of Agriculture's Animal Damage Control unit who have exterminated predators ranging from Grizzly Bears and Gray Wolves to Common Ravens and Bobcats and continue to slaughter them in their remnant ranges. The calculator-rational engineers and pork-barrel politicians who want to plug every free-flowing river with dams. The thrill-seeking dirt bikers who terrify wildlife and scar delicate watersheds with mindless play. Japanese and Icelandic whalers who are hounding the last great whales to the ends of the Earth, despite international agreements against whaling. The heads of Exxon and other giant oil companies who cut back on safety measures to save a few pennies and thereby cause disasters like the Prince William Sound oil-tanker wreck and the blowout of drilling platforms in the Santa Barbara Channel. Corporate executives whose bottom line is profit and who could not care less about Love Canals, Bhopals, cigarette smoke, acid rain, and unsafe automobiles. Otherworldly "religious leaders" who condemn birth control and encourage the poor in Third World countries to have more children. The list of ecoterrorists is endless --- but it does not include the brave and conscientious individuals who are defending threatened wild areas by placing a monkeywrench in the gears of the machine." --- Dave Foreman, Confessions of An Eco-Warrior, Harmony Books, New York, 1991, pp. 124 - 125.

Hey, Dave, let's add in the corporate fuckers of BP who skimped on safety and brought us the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill of 2010, which will eclipse the Exxon-Valdez as the worst oil spill in U.S. history, and has the potential, however slight, of killing the Earth's oceans . Crimes against Njord?

I'm sorry, but as a skald, I have a religious duty to praise the deeds of heroes who fight to defend Mother Earth, as beloved Thor himself does. It doesn't matter how your empire or its various media label these people. It doesn't matter if an enslaved and cowed population has been frightened into bogeymanning them. Real people look at actual deeds, not accusations, labels, or slander. They examine the quality of actions and the values behind them. They admire real courage in the service of something transcendant and meaningful. They do not step in line with propaganda machines and simply mimic whatever we are told we are "supposed" to believe, nor do they cower in regiment simply because some kind of smear words created to arouse fear in listeners is applied to someone.

Let's get real. The overwhelming majority of those who are smeared as "ecoterrorists" are not "terrorists" at all in any definition of the term, and are at best ecovandalists. Ask anyone in New York City who had to go through the awful trauma of 9-11 whether they consider "vandalism" and "terrorism" the same thing. There is no comparison, and the authoritarian imperialists peddling such words know this. They're just depending on you to be stupid enough to not notice the difference. Don't be stupid. Your freedom depends on it.

And just in case you were wondering ... the word "vandalism" comes from the name of a Germanic tribe, the Vandals, who wreaked havoc on the Roman Empire as they came through with a spirit of retribution against an Empire which had repeatedly violated their groves, their laws, their children, and treated them as less-than-human. Do the math.


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