Monday, June 21, 2010

Each Day By Dawn Or Dread Night Long

Each day by dawn or dread night long,
love, I lingered in lyrical praise or prayer
towards thee and thine and all thy charms,
or woe, wishing away all of thy tears
wept, that well my woman might be,
even though I was exiled far from thee.
Washed in waves of the whelming sea,
I drifted, half-drowned, in the dreary waters,
which grief, that grew from the grave of my child,
drew out my dreadnought, which drenched in tide,
sunk, sunk down with my son and crew.
The cutting of cold waves kind has not
been to the bold soul whose bower you shared ;
lost, upon the lone sea, looking forlorn,
I have wandered, wayless, without hope.
In madness mired upon the mere's grey waves,
love, I have lingered in love's echo,
kept quick the quickened spark,
for I, your Odr, am ever true.

Asmund, Odr's son by Freya, had set out in his great ship Gnod leading the fleet against Dietrich, and the father, seeing the son in danger, came to his aid, but Asmund was killed by Dietrich. Odr in his rage killed hordes, but the ship Gnod sunk there with all hands lost, while Odr, lost at sea, became wrapped in the hide of a strange sea-beast, and thus exiled, wandered the waters waiting for Freya, who at first thought him lost.


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