Tuesday, June 01, 2010

For She Who Makes The Magic Grow

For She who makes the magic grow
For She whose touch has brought me high and brought me low
when absent, I pursue her flowing cloak of luminescent stars
where they flee 'cross the heavens, animated by her powers,
I too fly, and with great speed, and joy
O She who makes me feel a little boy,
and bright, yet strong, a man indeed,
Her Love I make my fervent creed,
a task, a faith, across a lifetime,
a promise made when life was sunshine
fogged in fog across the bay
whence Sol shined down on every day
upon that red-gold gleaming gate
within whose burg participate
an in-between time when love was gestate
a fairy moment whom the years' giants would frustrate :
yet I, touched by the lavender fields of her knotted hair
and far-away eyes that out-looked the window, as if without care,
have been transformed, as if coals, cold embers, set aflame,
a spark of some secret star that shines in the darkness with no shame,
alive to the magic, alive to awe's ability to descend,
in the midst of mundane, and to mend
the deadly cold of boredom's ice
shaking up the long-too-settled dice
to gamble once more, and so I await
that time when time may bring my mate,
those soft lips, and wise-beyond-years witch's gaze,
the one so long pursued who ever earns my praise.
For I have seen her glances furtive peek
in the eyes or breath of those I seek
to share love's great moments of warmth and glow,
that in the cold night oft are only hopes I know.
Each lover a letter in that long epistle
she writes ; each one a holy day in her missal
of feasts and frolics, and springtime lusts,
whose fresh air blows in aromatic gusts.
But one there was through whom you shone
most clear, and glistening, as white bone
of moon whose ship sails cross the skies,
or gems, who gleam 'neath cavern's darkened guise ;
her echo traces you most clearly,
and so, as relic held most dearly,
her memory keeps my magic sane,
alive, though dormant in the grain,
and Lady, Love, someday you'll sprout
that corn, and let the love flow out
so full my world will be renewed,
so strong will fade the wounds of feud,
and my heart's home I'll know again,
gladdened, Goddess, you are my friend.


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