Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Lift the Layman to Enpraised Words

There, where auburn-gold glows from foiled leaves
whose crinkling adds windchime to sun rising and setting ;
There, atop that crystalline crown, in the canopies
wherein lay all the sparks of Muspell ;
There, such meadows of heaven as ne'er the mortal eye
who wouldst return to Midgard hath seen ;
There, where such beasts of marvel glow silver or golden,
as per the light resplendant and ambient :
That oak-branched argentine-tined white & ghostly roebuck,
who e'er his own velvetine, fur-trimmed skin bathes
in that highest of overflowing waterfalls,
the rushing raindrop torrent pours
night-light scattering spray o'er his magnificent antlers ;
That shaggy white-furred, full udder'd goat
capering o'er the aurelian-shield thatched glory
of Hall's Fallen Might, whose ample flows of milk
fall flavored as honey-spiced mead ;
That full-wisened eagle who rests in the high-foilaged perch,
its wings the hue of noon's sun
blotted by sunset's blood, watching, o'erwatching ;
and there, between his very aquiline eyes
the full-weathered kestrel curious falcon-fallow broods ;
with that whisking, ashen-haired bushy-tailed rascal
a-scurrying up-a-down the many-branched
quartz-translucent trunk whose bulk
beyond eyes holds the whole star-lined living frame together ;
There, beneath the highest high mountain crags,
where cliff-ensconced the silver-seat of prophecy
sits bulwarked in the argent-lined granite walls
of All-Father's far-seeing hall,
beneath whose stony foundations
dark runs its star-infloresced glow below
to all the leaf-sheltered halls dotted
meadow & thick-thicketed field,
on that grandest of gold-fortressed plains,
high, high above the whole circle of worlds ;
There, where Thor once warded
the sun-englared shining blade ;
There, upon those ample plains lay
Our Lady's lavender and wort-orcharded estate, replete
with long labyrinthed rows of burgundy vines,
ripe and potent, wild and serpentine,
where all th'veneriline flock
full-gasp rapture in engypsied, turkishine
all-arms-up mad mania of Volta's blossom,
to swoon at mere river's flection
of Her High Bride's night's unveiling
upon the throne atop that lovely,
once-elf-crafted Mons of Venus.
They say the undulate inflorescence
of undine anenome
starlight spackled ring-and-circle
rapture dances in the air above
that grassy knoll
where Night's spangled twinkling quasars
wink as elfine maids and rising knaves, a'bow
in the high-hilled ballroom's courteous prelude, elegant ;
and those who besom-and-beast ride
high feather fly ascent
that Brocken peak may lay
their prayer-tapestried linens there,
that She may, sauntering in the weeks that follow
that furious dance, bend, and thumb-fingered lift
those runed, soft doilies and read,
and Her mind pleased by the voluptuous feast
of full-ecstate, open-heart elation,
grant us such love as full-season bounty
for our worthy deeds She deems fit ;
and for this I brew that sap
of the buzzing swarm's hive
that She might be described
in such psalm as stupor-lifts
the layman to enpraised words.


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