Sunday, January 02, 2011

Voluspa 5 & 6, An Expansive Meditation Upon

Moon and sun were lost and homeless and impoverished, stripped of their dignity, deprived of royal routes of luminescence, banished to barren voids, and curfewed to fiery wastelands. They languished, undistinguished, their inborn powers unable to come to full talent, giving off from afar a mere tithe of their brilliance and fruitage, for they were quarantined from their rightful roads and azul-crystalline hall above. Around and about the glowing fruits of fire had no constellation ; the void spun dizzy ; seasons were unclear and confused : the stellar steads as yet guided the destinies of none.

Then the Gods met in moot and laid out the seasons, ordaining days and festivals, giving character to the thirteen moons, and naming markers on the mountains to mark out the day's quarters. With their gifts of names for the days came soul, and soul's duty to do and work its assigned toil and special glory. A regal procession was each day ordained, for Sol to ride across the wind's hall in a golden cart housing a reflective copper disc, and pulled by two white braided-maned Clydesdales, flanked and followed and reared by light-elves, and assigned the special protection of the Alcis. A strong, thick-maned horse able to withstand the rigors of the cold, sunless evenings was given to Night, Grandmother of the Gods, to spread her shade and solace that all might rest and rejuvenate through dream. Thus, the world sleeps under her watch, and sleep is safe more often than not, by general decree as overseen by her high and nightly ride. Giving hearty ahoy from afar, Moon sails a crescent ship of silver-gilded ivory through the high tides of wind.


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Beautiful, Siegfried.

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