Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Menstruum is the Open Door to Frigga

They don't teach you how to grow, as you get older, but the secret is you must grow backwards as you grow forwards, or you will end up confusing both ends and fall over lopsided. The tree must extend its roots as it stretches its branches.

Fools remind us of our own vanity, and ground our aspirations, ensuring we return to our roots and do not forget our animal sides.

This kind of grounding is necessary.

If you try to stay all light, you become or remain hollow. The light must come down into the blood and the soil to find its own. The rich red iron of the earth holds lessons for the light.

A woman knows this from her monthly blood, which teaches through crankiness the bottom line, which properly approached, is a good line. Our inability to integrate the period, very possibly the original sabbath, is our imbalance. There is a time to relax into the griping of the moment, and let nothing else hold sway. There is wisdom only the inner bitch will whisper, and if a werman refuse to love this ample, earthy flow of crampy mood within, he will be deluded.

Wermen are upside-down. They talk a good talk, but in the end, the end is where the head should be, and vice-versa, because dazzled (meaning befuddled) by their own talk, and pretensions of reason, they lose touch with their own drives. Then they can only speak of suppressing them, but never understanding and acknowledging them, and thereby flowing with them, and gaining access to their wisdom, without becoming a prisoner to them. Pretending they are wise, they become fools. This is why Odin had to hang upside down to become wise, to understand his rootedness in the drives and how they organically emerge up from beloved Mother Earth, whose perspective he had to take.

Wermen like to believe that they are not bitches, too, but to others their subterranean flows of moodiness, stubbornness, and crankiness are obvious. Allowing this deep animal woundedness through which one is cleansed is part of the menstrual wisdom of the earth. My ability to be a goddess flows from my ability to hold when I am a bitch. So should every man, werman or woman, be able to say, with grounded pride. In the mammalian line, the menstruum is the open door to Frigga.


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