Monday, March 07, 2011

Odin and the Paperbark Trees

Had an imaginary conversation with Odin tonight, near L.A.X. I got outside my car and walked around some beautiful paperbark trees. The wind was cool and full of moisture.

"Like those?" He asked in my mind. "Pretty neat, huh? The way the bark just self-peels like paper or origami?" He was genuinely fascinated, and admiring the handiwork.

I nodded. "You made these?"

"Me?" he said, dismissively. "Nah, not I. Made lots of things, but that's the work of my wife. She's had a hand in shaping many things."

"Pretty impressive," I said.

"You know there's not anything like it in any other world. If only you humans could get a sense of what exists out there, you might appreciate the wonder of this stuff here more. I mean, you are surrounded by wonders!"

Now, I knew this was an imaginary conversation in my head. And I also knew that Odin was speaking directly to me.


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