Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Light of the Sun is Truth

The social-political world is becoming increasingly infused with lies, and if you have eyes for truth, something grows dim within one's soul, which is why one needs to regularly get outside into nature, because the light of the sun is truth. The green growing up from the earth is truth. The leaves that fall and hang from the boughs of trees is truth. The flowers are truth. Truth surrounds us. We are immersed in truth, and within that truth of juiciness within the world is the world's savings from the lie, the lie which spreads itself through the human medium, that frail being, because he has been implanted with the power of questioning, has also the power to falter, has also the power to bend from the truth and the light. If we recognize this questioning ability then we can utilize this questioning and frame our questions upon the trunks of truth that green about us, refresh our sap from pure sources, realign our notions of truth from a twisted world of politics back to the baseline, what matters. God, divinity, is here in the world. The Gods infuse the world with brilliance, with hope, and with breath, and it is these things we must remember in dark times. We must remember that life is furious, it is irrefutable. It is a persistence that challenges even the greatest defeats. Although they will remain radioactive for hundreds of years (and we shouldn't shunt our vision to the tragedy and its implications), the vegetations and trees sprout anew around Chernobyl. Life has a ferocity in its tenacity, and if you want to hear what the Gods are speaking, not just whispering but shouting, go to the natural things around you : touch them, smell them, feel them. More than in the myths, more than in old poems, there you will feel the pulsations of the divine speaking directly to your fingertips and your nostrils and your ears and eyes, and the intuition behind these perceptions. In a time filled with lies that grow more blatant and emerge from sources we once trusted as faithful, we must return to the truth that is alive around us everywhere.


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