Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Beloved within the beloved

Grant us our loves, O Freya,
Grant us our loves.
Grant that our loves shall prosper,
that our hearts will warm
and eyes be mirrors to the sun
that in brightness of the beloved we may shine,
and believe in that Art
whose magic, O Blessed Maiden of Flaxen Witches,
you mentor, Rose's Mistress,
She who knows the pain and yearning fire
of longing, longing for the beloved.
May all our hearts be healed
and know in peaceful gratitude your grace.
Grant us our loves may prosper,
Ophelia-Feline-Mistress Found Herself,
dried seed hidden in the heart of despair,
waiting on longing tears to sprout roses,
Our Beloved within the beloved, O Freya!


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Thank you!

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