Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Solidity of this World

That this world is solid is good. It is so good. That this world resists change by the movement of thought allows such solidity, such grounding, and rooting. The world is not all fire. Fire is complete change. It is revolutionary change taken to the nth degree, where all matter is burnt up. All is not fire. There is a good element of ice, of solidity, that things stay the same, that the world has a foundation, that it cannot all be changed by thinking it away. It is good that the New Thought movement is wrong. It is good that just by thinking of something you cannot make it change, because it allows there to be continuity, there allows there to be a sense of home, it allows for some type of permanence in the midst of transience. There is a dialectical unity between permanence and transience in this world, because of the very solidity of things, and that is something that matter allows.

In the middle-zone between fire and ice is where good things happen. We do need change, we do need fluent flow, but it's good to know that no matter what our imaginative flights, the world is able to maintain some identity. An identity-in-movement, but an identity all the same, and this is something to praise! This is something to praise the Gods for! That they took Ymir's bones and his flesh and made the world out of it, even though it was monstrous, it was a wonderful eye, a beautiful, brilliant idea, providing a real matrix in which our consciousness could take shape. The world of solidity became the body in which our minds could grow, and feel cradled, and have support. So, in a sense, if you want to think of it that way, the world is like a giant hand in which the Gods hold us.

Now some will try to push aside the solidity of reality and matter by pointing to quantum physics, and saying, "You see? Most of even matter is empty space filled with swirling energy." But you see, the mistake that they make here is they equate energy with ghostliness, and that's not what energy is. Energy is force. Want to think about force? Think about when you take two magnets of the same polarity and you try to press them close together. Think about the strength of that push, and how they force each other apart. Those fields of energy, while they aren't solid in the ordinary sense of things, definitely demonstrate a force that has a solidity to it. These swirls of energy have push and force, and they constitute a strong, elastic net that is very, very real, so you can't ghost away matter simply because of quantum physics, and the fact that there is a flux at the heart of things, at the atomic core, does not mean there is no solidity, because those patterns, through their probabalistic logic, maintain the solidity of things at our level. It does mean that matter is far more dialectical than we had ever thought. It's not just inert stuff. It actually is force-in-motion and in pattern, and that is a significant nuance and change in how we view things, because it means that there is an element of change and a way of approaching matter differently than just inert stuff. Rather, it is a stable dynamism, and that dynamic stability makes all the difference in the world.

In fact, it makes a world.


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