Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sigrdrífa's Prayer

Sigdrifumál 4 & 5 :

"Heill dagr.
Heilir dags synir.
Heil nótt ok nift.
Óreiðum augum
lítið okkr þinig
ok gefið sitjöndum sigr.

Heilir æsir.
Heilar ásynjur.
Heil sjá in fjölnýta fold.
Mál ok mannvit
gefið okkr mærum tveim
ok læknishendr, meðan lifum."

(My translation:)

Hail Day
Hail the Elves, Sons of Day.
Hail Night and Wyrd her mother.
With eyes slow to wrath
gaze upon us and give those living here victory.

Hail the Gods
Hail the Goddesses
Hail the Full-Breasted Earth Flowing With Milk.
Give to us, both man and woman,
soulful speech and human wisdom
and healing hands, while we live.

This beautiful prayer, uttered by Sol under her heiti She-Who-Sprinkles-Victory, is a traditional blessing to be uttered every day. The implication is that this is the prayer Sol herself utters everyday as she is about to commence her journeys across the heavens.


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