Friday, June 01, 2007

Freyr is the Jesus They Can't Put In A Cage

Freyr is the Jesus they can't put in a cage.
He's free and fun and wild,
Loving, tender, and full of laughter.
His big erect cock displayed prominent in the temple
and beautiful for the obscenity
others see with dirty eyes, makes undomesticatible
his bounteous wonder ; and for those with clean,
pure eyes, eyes that see a new world each time
love touches,
the awe of coming into the temple,
dark, with the torches lit
about his proud, erect figure
stroking his chin, with a smile bubbling
laughter-wisdom beneath gleaming eyes,
this is a reminder of gentle, unchained
giving birth to all bounty, and sacred
beyond compare.
With joy of sharing
fruit, wheat, coins, and flowers
laid beneath his blessed feet
sharing with the share lord
the free wonder of unchained souls.

When you have just made love, and you are full of glow ; and you feel beholden to none, but free as the wind ; connected, carefree, and fully yourself in all your weirdness, there, Freyr is with you, blessed be Freyr. Where you are confident and joyful, radiating gameliness in fellowship and comrade's embraces, there, Freyr is with you, blessed be Freyr. When your fortified mirth stands up fiercely against tyrants who would place you in chains, there, Freyr is with you, blessed be Freyr. Blessed be Freyr. Blessed be Freyr.