Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Dwarvish Day

Hail the hall-stone, high-pillared gem-gens,
Whom Bor's fallen foe's broken bones
Restore from stench to polished stones!
Hail brindle-brows of breathtaking peaks
Whose carved caverns are hill-castles,
Peacock-plumed with precious jewels,
And lined with long-ages forged luxuries!
Hail the slumber of sleeping Mim's sons,
Who arms at arm's length awesome wait
To take up polished tusk and try their might
To guard the green gown of Earth's skirts
Beneath which nether treasures gnoll ;
The ancestors' antique grave-guardians of old
Who bless the buried bones with art
Enjewel-joying their nether journeys
From wisdom to wisdom, and wyrdwards.
Hail tawny traders in teardrops of Freya,
Stone-strung in blissful bright of jewel-strangle,
Nurtured each in one night nether-tumble
Of tantric tingle of teased-out genius!
Hail the hoard-holders of Jord!
Who grow in granite gardens marvels from the deep!
Soul of solemn depth-ceremonies
Held in the harvest of holy Hel-shrines!
Today the dearest dead return to visit,
To choose their cheer in charming feasts! Hail!

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Book Is Out!

Bringing Earth and Sky Together, the three-volume set of all writings up to 2011 on this blog, is now available for a special Yuletime offer of $51.00 for all three. That's over 1500 pages of essays, prayers, poems, provocations, proverbs, and much, much more!

Volume I

Volume II  

Volume III

Go over and check them out! Buy one volume or all three volumes for family, friends, and kindred! This will make an impressive tome on a bookshelf or coffee table, and provide spiritual guidance and intellectual ferment for years to come.

Many have told me that a webpage is simply too difficult to look at to digest all this work. Now you can have it in print and digest it at your leisure! Underline, take notes, photocopy pages, use as a meditation guide.

There is literally nothing like this out there. This will become a treasured part of your library. Act now to have these presents ready for Yule, or, order for the New Year!