Thursday, May 24, 2012

There Our Yule Is Ever

Gold-spurners, ring-haters, ever eager to share and welcome in your kin, in widest circles, spawn of life : I hail thee, unseen sources of awesome-flowing giving! Wide cosmos, galaxy-garlanded, fortress of stars : for there our Yule is ever, does not cease! O toasters, boasters worlds' shaping declares, presents and presence changing hands with mirth and boldness, may I, and those I love, and all struggling to transcend the narrow miser-ways of earth become your protégés! For blazoned gold and silver zodiac ring-surrounds the stars with signs of what we might become, fulfilled, and made the true of selves! You are the dream-projection of divine telos hid in us and earth and stars : may we fulfill! And then the gold within display, in acts that blessings manifest, in meeting needs, and greed alone to give, and drink more deeply! Haunting of our own concealed grandeur, holy icons : in your poetry the stars come alive and dreams become bolder. Hail! What faith to hold abundance in not-knowing, and ne'er believe the miser-scares, which preach the burning flames and dearth of hunger! To conjure, from thin air, the confidence in sheer subjunctives, and then pledging their infusion into world! To hold against the normal ought's a higher faith that wills the unexpected good! May I, unfolding, shed my narrow husks and blossom-burst into a fuller fit of giving! Love is not small : your wide arms embrace all. May I have the honor of participation, though imperfect, in your Tuletides? I would give, and taste the gift, each every day.