Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hymn to Idunn

Granddaughter of the Sun
Goddess and Elf
Daughter of the Great Brewer
Keeper of the Secrets of Youth,
Teach us to tap that inner child as you do,
Shining one, elixir-brewing your ambrosia-cider
of Rejuvenation.

Sister of the Dawns,
Daughters of Sunna Swanfeather,
Let us find the fruits within us,
O Genius of Freshness,
O Ever Bright Mistress of Dawn,
Eastern One, Bringer-Back to Life.

Spring mourned you through the long winter.
Spring welcomed you when you came back.
Your multicolored fruit are eggs of Eastre,
O Easter Goddess, Keeper of the Apples
at the top of the Tree.

Rejuvenate us! Release us from sorrows and cares.
Wash away the pain and guilt
that chains us to hopelessness and weariness.
Wash away the anguish with your potent draughts,
For every day is Dawn when you walk through our lives.
Walk through our lives this day.
Open white gauze armlets and
cast away haze before eyes!

You married the bold teller of stories,
The tall-tale master of yarns,
He whose brags are true.
He heralds deeds,
You herald dawn, and spring's refreshment.

O Dryad of the highest limbs
O Priestess of the Tree's own sap
O Sitter in the boughs on highest,
You watch all, none escapes your sight,
O canopy's Surveyor, O glistening
dis in the Glasir Groves.
Tree-top's tender, pluckstress
of the potent fruits,
Sif's sister brewing high above.

Save us a sip, O sibling of Vali.
Let us lay weariness down
like an unworthy coat,
and strip, refulgent, nubile, bright
as your youth, ever-shining,
Most gracious Goddess of the Easter Morning!


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